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Who Will a Domestic Violence Order Affect?

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DVO Aggrieved and Respondent

A person applying for a domestic violence order is known as the “aggrieved”. People other than the aggrieved can also be named on the order as a person protected by the conditions of the order. These people can include:

  • Children of the aggrieved;
  • Relatives of the aggrieved; and/or
  • Associates of the aggrieved.

The person who the application is made against is known as the “respondent”.

Whether you are the aggrieved or respondent to a domestic violence order application, our solicitors are dedicated to assisting you achieve the most desirable outcome for all involved. Call Aitken Whyte Lawyers Brisbane on 07 3229 4459, or follow the links below for more information on Domestic Violence.

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