Buying & Selling Property

Buying & Selling Property



Buying and Selling Property

Buying and Selling Property and Leasing Residential Property – Protection for your assets

We don’t cut corners and we don’t allow non-solicitors to run your conveyance. Buying or selling a residential property can be one of the most significant transactions that most people will undertake. Aitken Whyte Lawyers, Brisbane offers a full, quality service to its conveyancing clients. While some administrative tasks involved in conveyancing, it is not as straight forward a process as is often thought; there is solicitor input at every stage of the process.  Why risk your most important investment for the sake of a few dollars?  At Aitken Whyte Lawyers, we strike a balance to ensure our lawyers protect our clients’ interests, while at the same time, providing a competitive service.

We follow the conveyancing protocol in the delivery of our service, which has been put together by lawyers to ensure lawyers meet the standards expected of them in providing this important legal service.

The conveyancing process generally consists of the following steps:

  1. A review of the contract or drafting the contract for you and including advice on the contract and negotiating any special conditions;
  2. Explain cooling off periods. If you are intending to buy at auction, you should call us first for advice before the auction, as the cooling off period won’t apply to you.
  3. Liaise with your real estate agents, body corporate (for units) and financiers.
  4. Discuss with you various searches that can be undertaken and organise the relevant searches, inspections and enquiries to make sure you are buying what you think.   Report to you on those searches and any problems or issues that you should be aware of before completing the purchase.  We have on many occasions terminated contracts due to conditions not being met by potential purchasers;
  5. Tell you what costs you will pay including transfer duty on the contract;
  6. We can assist you in meeting the lender’s requirements including discharging existing mortgages on sales and calculating settlement figures. We can in addition to the conveyance advise you on mortgages and draft any leases for the property;
  7. Make all settlement arrangements;
  8. Register your interests as the new owner if that is the case.

Commercial leasing

We also offer full services to landlords and tenants of commercial or retail shop leases including drafting, negotiating and arranging registration of leases.

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