Employment Law




Employment Law

What is Employment and Industrial Law?

Employment and industrial law is a notoriously complex area of the law. Employer/employee rights and responsibilities are ever-changing and expanding to cover a number of issues.  It has never been as important to ensure you have a dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable and passionate team of employment lawyers on your side to protect you. Our committed, confident and professional team can assist you with all areas of employment law, including:

What makes Aitken Whyte Lawyers different?

Our solicitors are experienced in working with both employees and employers so we can see each argument from both sides of the fence and will be better prepared to defend your legal, commercial and workplace interests at every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our practical, cost-effective approach and are committed to letting you know your rights and obligations, as well as your chances and prospects of success, in any litigation before you proceed with a clear, fair and reasonable expectation of the cost.

We understand that for the initiated, any legal process can be overwhelming and foreign – so we are also dedicated to keeping you updated along the way so you know what to expect at every step. But most of all, we care about the results, and know you do too.

Our experience

Our lawyers not only have the legal experience, they have managed businesses themselves. We have a true understanding of the complexities of the workplace and the legal red tape imposed on a business by industrial legislation, government authorities such as the Fair Work Commission and Ombudsmen, and other interested bodies such as unions and industry-based associations. We are as commercially-focused as you.

We have big-firm experience having advised and acted for larger blue chip and private companies. Our costs are always fair and reasonable, so you can rest assured you are being protected by an experienced team who is committed to keeping the financial cost low.

And most importantly, our employment lawyers are passionate about this area of law. So at Aitken Whyte Lawyers you will deal with a team that has an up-to-the-minute knowledge and understanding of the current trends and pitfalls in the employment and industrial law minefield – with a clear focus on achieving the best possible results.

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