Domestic Violence Order Conditions

Domestic Violence Order Conditions



What Conditions Will A Domestic Violence Order Impose?

Domestic Violence Orders contain conditions that place limitations:

  • on a Respondent’s behaviours and actions; and
  • the nature of their contact with an Aggrieved.
It Is A Criminal Offence to Breach A Condition on A Domestic Violence Order

These conditions are an Order of the Court which the Respondent must follow. If the Respondent breaches a condition, they will have committed a criminal offence.

Standard Conditions

In Queensland, every Domestic Violence Order must contain general or “standard” conditions. These are that the Respondent must:

  • be of good behaviour towards the Aggrieved; and
  • not commit domestic violence against the Aggrieved.

These conditions are also able to protect any other person named in the Order, such as:

  • children; or
  • other relatives;

if there have been allegations or actions of domestic violence:

  • towards them; or
  • around them.
Further Conditions

The Magistrate can impose other conditions at their discretion. These may be to regulate the Respondent’s behaviour and contact with the Aggrieved.

Further conditions may include that the Respondent:

  • not approach or attempt to approach within 100 metres of the Aggrieved;
  • not approach or attempt to approach places the Aggrieved frequents, such as:
    • their home; or
    • workplace;
  • not contact the Aggrieved directly or indirectly. This will include asking someone else to contact the Aggrieved;
  • not locate or ask someone else to locate the Aggrieved; and/or
  • not mention the Aggrieved on social media.
Ouster Condition

If the Aggrieved and Respondent live together, the Court can make an “ouster condition“.

An ouster condition is an Order for the Respondent to leave a joint residency.

If the Court makes this condition, the Respondent must leave the house, even if they are on the lease or mortgage.

Conditions Must Be Necessary or Desirable

Conditions must be “necessary or desirable” to protect the Aggrieved from domestic violence.

The Magistrate must consider this when deciding:

  • what conditions; and
  • how many conditions;

to include on the Order.

Applying to Vary the Conditions of a Domestic Violence Order

If circumstances change after the Court makes an Order in final form, either:

  • the Respondent; or
  • the Aggrieved

can apply to the Court to vary the Domestic Violence Order.

Either party can make an application to add or remove conditions. Upon hearing the application, the Magistrate will decide whether to:

  • add; or
  • remove;

the requested conditions.

How to Contact A Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you are an Aggrieved or Respondent to a Domestic Violence Order, our lawyers can explain:

  • the conditions of the Order; and
  • the consequences and implications each might have;

and represent you in Court about your domestic violence matter.

Call Aitken Whyte Lawyers Brisbane on 07 3229 4459 to speak to a domestic violence lawyer.

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