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Drug Diversion Program Qld

For minor drug offences the Court may offer the guilty party an opportunity to attend or order the guilty party to attend and complete a drug diversion program as part of the penalty imposed by the Court when the court is making a “recognisance order”, or “good behaviour bond”.

The Drug Diversion programs offer people apprehended for minor drugs offences the opportunity to receive professional help through early intervention and prevention programs rather than proceeding through the normal court process.

Generally a person is eligible to be offered to attend the Drug Diversion program if they are arrested for a minor drug offence, have not committed any other indictable offences in circumstances related to a minor drug offence, have not previously been convicted of an offence involving violence, and admit to committing the offence.

If the Court is satisfied that the defendant is eligible for the program, the Court will impose a good behaviour bond with the condition that the defendant attend the program within a stated period. No conviction is recorded in these circumstances.

The main areas of drug offending you may be charged with are:

  1. Possessing Dangerous Drugs
  2. Producing Dangerous Drugs
  3. Supplying Dangerous Drugs
  4. Trafficking In Dangerous Drugs
  5. Possessing Various Property Or Things Relating To Drug Offences

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