Unfair Dismissal – How Aitken Whyte Can Help

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Supporting Employers and Employees in Unfair Dismissal Claims

Aitken Whyte Lawyers employment law team will fight for and protect your rights if:

  • A former employee of your company or business, including small business, is claiming they were unfairly dismissed;
  • You have experienced an unfair dismissal;
  • You felt forced out of your position of employment by your employer;
  • You have been demoted; or
  • You would like to dismiss an employee properly to minimise any risk of them bringing a claim for unfair dismissal.

Our lawyers and solicitors are focused on results and have significant experience helping employers and employees alike in unfair dismissal cases. This puts us in the best position to advocate for your rights as we have a real understanding of what both parties are looking for, the arguments they might bring, and acceptable resolutions for everyone involved.

We can represent you at any conciliation conference or hearing before the Fair Work Commission to ensure your best case is presented.

For unfair dismissal advice or representation, call 07 3229 4459 to speak to a member of our team and find out the best way forward, or read on for more information.

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