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Laura Kellermeier, Paralegal Brisbane

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Laura Kellermeier

Commercial & Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation & Disputes
Aitken Whyte Lawyers, Brisbane
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Laura is a paralegal with the Aitken Whyte Lawyers team and is a fourth year student at the University of Queensland, studying Bachelors of Laws and Arts with under two years until completion. Her work experience and proactive approach would make Laura a valuable member of our team of paralegals.

Laura has experience with dispute resolution, case management, administrative tasks, and liaising with dispute resolution professionals. Through her work at Financial Rescue, she has written financial services complaints on behalf of consumers that have been submitted to financial services providers and the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Laura has developed a high level of attention to detail and undertaken extensive research of the relevant laws and regulations. With these learned and honed valuable skills in the relevant sectors, Laura enjoys applying them in practice.

Laura demonstrates capabilities to adapt quickly to a variety of areas and relishes working in a wide range of disciplines, taking great initiative and pride in the work that she performs. Laura is approachable, knowledgeable and deals daily with clients’ needs efficiently and  effectively.

Areas Of Law

Laura’s experience extends into the following practice areas:
Criminal Law
Litigation and Disputes
Traffic Law & DUI, Drink Driving
Buying and Selling Property
Debt Recovery

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